We offer you an exclusively chosen variety of wheat from different parts of India to suit your taste buds & budget......

Wheat Quality ranges from Lokwan, Rajwadi,Local Grades upto Sharbati: Prices vary from Rs 25/- Per Kg upto Rs 45/- Per Kg.

You name the Wheat Quality from locally produced or could be Lokwan or even Sharbati from Madhya Pradesh and we have it ready to be delivered to you.

Best Service... 

We can also get the grinding done for you , It is processed by traditional stone-ground (chakki) method i.e the regular Chakki to ensure purity, freshness and thus helps keeping the natural taste of wheat. 

The Charges for grinding would be Rs 7/- Per Kg .

The minimum order quantity is 10 kg per order for enjoying Free Delivery.. 

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